Monday Afternoon Links: Petty Politics and Bad Comedy Edition

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What if I stop Tweeting so much, and make you look at my currently shitty blog?

  • Pittsburgh is in the running for the 2024 RNC. This would lead to a staggering amount of hassle, security authoritarianism, and I truly doubt that it actually makes economic sense. On the plus side, it would be interesting. And for the life of me, I cannot resist interesting. (The 2016 RNC was insanely so.)
  • Say what you will about Tucker Carlson’s fearmongering, xenophobic ethos, but at least it’s an ethos, man. Ted Cruz said January 6 was “violent terrorist act.” Not in favor of January 6, not in favor of weasel Cruz or hyperbole. It was a tantrum by spoiled people who I don’t want in power. But you know what, I don’t want Joe Biden in power either. Or anyone else.
  • Congrats to dolphins
  • I may agree (or not), but the headline “Pope warns about dangers of ‘cancel culture'” made me laugh out loud.
  • I usually trust Snopes, but this “mostly false” rating re Kamala Harris seems like bullshit. Mentioning January 6 in the same sentence as 9/11 and Pearl Harbor implies, even if it does not outright state, that they are similarly equal weight. I dub this Snopes rating “technically correct, but dishonest.”
  • The below is a surprisingly not funny, surprisingly insightful look at what makes right-wing comedy, especially Trump and post-Trump so not funny. The Babylon Bee gets its deserved savaging, Jeff Foxworthy types start to look surprisingly good, and I am actually offended by the 2017 Daily Wire cartoon about “Indigenous People’s Day” (it was so bad, they actually pulled it without any liberal apologies). Most of this overly long video is worth watching, but the timestamp is at the real MVP, a man who could not be more unimpressed by Steven Crowder pretending to be a trans woman and being annoying in a gym. Beautiful.

Finally, the above clip is a perfect encapsulation of cable news. Footage and a ticker of an actual event (a weather-induced traffic stop outside of DC) juxtaposed with a person making the situation political, without the benefit of facts or even specificity to make her case. And no, the cops have not stopped getting military equipment. Can you believe that a former Press Secretary, with George W. Bush, no less, could be so dishonest?

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